Sunday, June 22, 2008

Do life's lessons ever really end? Even now I continue to learn, experiencing things that I never have before, in part because I have never lived in this moment before. The other part comes from those around me, who, on a daily basis, live their out their own lives. With each day, life changes, and as it does, new insights come. Or so I hope...
Because the challenges of the last few weeks, mostly centerred around my youngest daughter--half a world away, alone and lonely in spite of so many who love her--I've come to appreciate my own supporters, even as I and my husband make every attempt to support her from a distance. Those who know me, or who know my daughter, understand my own deep sorrow. Yet, the burden gets lifted a bit in others' attempts to share in that very sorrow.
Today, there is light. Today, there is hope. Not every day will be like this one, perhaps, but it is enough for now. So many thanks to those whose offer of support and friendship shore me up and strengthen me. Your care and concern are much needed and most appreciated.

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Lin said...

Thank goodness for a new day! The long dark nights last way too long sometimes, and I find myself drowning in negativity that serves no purpose in daylight. With the dawn comes new hope and a chance for change. I hope your family is okay and that you find peace.

Write, write, write--it helps. Even if you don't post, it is very healing and reflective. Sometimes your reader sees things that you don't and that helps process your thoughts and feelings. We are here to support you in every way.

Enjoy Colorado! Take your pen and lots of pictures.