Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I have to admit that I haven't felt like writing lately.  Overwhelmed by a feeling of nostalgia and underwhelmed with fresh ideas, it seems like there's nothing new to say.  Life hasn't changed much lately.  True, school is back in session and now the empty, haunted halls are filled with sounds of  life and excitement.   

Usually August offers the promise of new beginnings, but I don't feel that way this year.  It seems as if my stories rehash all of the old themes, and I'm getting tired of  that.  I  just don't feel that I have anything new to say. The well is dry, thoroughly empty.  Parched.  No answers, only questions.

Maybe the start of the writing class at the Center will inspire me anew.  Or, maybe it's just today, the mood I'm in at the moment.  Whatever it is, sometimes I feel as if my writing just doesn't matter any more.  But if that's the case, what does matter? What makes a difference and gives me life?  Food for thought?  Or, something to write about...?


Lin said...

Maybe you just need a break with the craziness of the school year beginning. Maybe your mind needs a rest. Something will come when you are ready. It always does.

Go for a walk or bike ride. Look at things that you didn't notice before. Maybe there is a picture in your files that inspire you. Sometimes stories come from strange places. There are days when I feel I have nothing and then there are days when I am overflowing.

In the meantime, I will wait for your stories.

butterfly woman said...

I think balance is the key. I paint and write for a while, actually that's my first priority, then deal with life's reality. I do like your picture on the top right corner. Seems to fit so well with "Empty". Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings about the writing process. I can certainly relate. I think it's just a hibernation stage you're going through, soon you will be that butterfly soaring high out of the cocoon!!!Creativity full of ups and downs, we have to weather all the cycles.