Thursday, August 28, 2008

Is Anybody Out There...?

It seems as if the well may be low for all of us writers.  Even Lin hasn't posted a story for a couple of days now.  And that's unusual.  No comments, no new posts, no nothin' ...hmm... what's happening here?  Well, I take that back. I say "no nothin'" but that's not true.  Happily, Frank had a new piece yesterday and has been playing around with the booklet cover.  And Lin always takes the time to comment on whatever she reads.  But writing?  I don't know. Maybe it's just late August blahs.  Or maybe the thought of starting class again next week justifies our taking a creativity vacation.  Then again, the busy-ness of daily life may be getting in the way. Face it, I just don't know.

For me, I think I feel empty because my writing doesn't seem to be going anywhere.  Or should I say that my writing doesn't seem to be taking me anywhere.  I was hoping to plan for retirement from my full time job and be able to do some writing, art and just hanging out with my grandkids.  Maybe I would enter a couple of writing contests or draft a query about submitting an article.  I would be free!  Free to dream and write and explore!

 But now, faced with yet another loan for the never-ending upkeep of our own "This Old House,"  I realize that it is going to be several more years before I can quit my day job.  And that is a really depressing thought because I'm ready for something different--new and exciting people, places and ideas.   I feel and urgency, a real need, to do this and do it soon.  Waiting becomes hard and makes me feel less energized and creative.  And more empty.
Anyway, that's me...what's up with the rest of you?  I miss seeing your stories and reflections and I miss hearing from you.  I hope that the beginning of class gets us all up and writing once again.  I'm looking forward to it.


Lin said...

It is discouraging when you visit your favorite blogs and nothing is going on. Even those outside my class are empty these days. As I visit the new-to-me world of mombloggers, I think this is a direct result of the craziness that is the beginning of the school year. We are distracted and there just isn't enough time to blog or even form a complete thought.

The other morning I was so entranced in thought and blogging that I completely forgot my dental appointment. Oh, the guilt that ensued. God forbid I should have a moment for myself. And NOT have to be somewhere. Granted the visit was for MY teeth, but even they are demanding for my attention these days.

I share your struggle to post, to write, or just think of stories these days. That's when I turn to my photo files. Somehow that helps inspire something. Anything.

I look forward to reading more of what you write, Diane. Your blog and comments on the others are a joy. I scour the blogs first thing in the morning, hoping to find a new story, comment, or weirdo picture from Frank. (Homeboy needs to WRITE and quit messing with photoshop!) I hope class will inspire us to all write again!!

butterfly woman said...

I'm here. I have actually been charged up this last year meeting all these writers and creative people.Just being in your company stokes up my own creative possibilities. Sorry I don't always comment, but I do read everyone's writings. Just that I've got several art shows in the hopper, so that's putting the writing on the backburner.I want to have new art pieces to share and sometimes that fire is just not burning. Excuses, excuses. I too have dreams of putting my creative aspirations front and center, no matter what life deals me. Remember the unicorns and rainbows, they are beckoning to our hearts and souls to unleash our true passions and desires! I so welcome your comments on my blog, it makes my heart sing!

sulo badri said...

halo soul searcher!

nice meetin u! i exactly understand how u feel. read few of your posts now, just wish i can continue - its true that life becomes empty when we dont have enough time to read n write.. being in ma early 20s i feel am so out of time.. jus waiting to settle on the career front, as i hope to have much more time in future. n this optimism of being able to write then gives renewed hope each day.

n i do hope n pray that u r releived from ur full time job soon n have enough time to write all that ur heart desires...

lov n regards!!!

p.s. sorry! am so used to writing in abbreviations in college for the notes, however i have tried to reduce them in the comments. :)