Thursday, July 10, 2008

Changing Weather

It is gray outside and thunder claps occassionally. It started out as a beautiful morning--mild and sunny. The air smelled fresh and clean. "It's going to be a great day," I thought to myself.
Now, however, it is gray and threatening, dark for this time of the evening. As the thunder continues, I wonder whether or not I should be using the computer. A power outage could cause me to lose this story...Well, I'll take my chances; perhaps it's not meant to be posted after all, but only has value by my contemplation of it all...
I am reminded by Mother Nature once again about how quickly things change. Nature is a constant evolution of all that surround us. The weather, even the landscape, continually changes and evolves. So, too, for all living things.
For man, life is a constant ebb and flow of emotion. One day begins good and may end differently, based on cirumcstances. The only real constant here is change. Change is a sign that we are, in fact, alive! It is not only humankind that changes, but all of life. So why do I hope to be immune from it--always wishing for happiness and peace?
In fact, I lead a charmed life. I want for little. Surely, I have unfulfilled desires, regrets maybe, things that might have been. But generally, life is comfortable. I am fed, I am housed, I am clothed. My children are each fairly successful, each in their own right. Something could come and change all of that in an instant. Something like Hurrican Katrina, perhaps. But, so far, I am blessed, and that hasn't happened. How do the people that experience these disasters learn to cope?
In truth, I have much for which to be grateful. Yes, life is good, if not always happy. I am reminded again of the undercurrent of joy that prevents outer dynamics from changing my mood. Hope does sping eternal; like joy, it is often expressed behind the scenes, keeping one moving forward. In the end, it may be all we have and all that we really need. Once the thunder has subsided and the storm has passed, the sun will rise and shine once again. Another new day will begin, an empty slate, full of possibilities and waiting to be filled.

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Tao Master said...

Last night, we looked out and saw a dark sky to the east and sunshine to the west - I knew immediately that meant there was a strong possibility of a rainbow - so I scanned the sky and viola there it was. I think your thoughts of the blank slate are apt and your observations about the weather - wise. But. . .
I still want you to write another essay and this time - consider weather as a agent of necessary change.