Friday, July 11, 2008

L is a Funny Letter

My sister-in-law, Laurie, makes me laugh. Not in a mean-spirited, making-fun-of-her way, but in a stand-up-comedian kind of way. Yes, Laurie is quite gifted. A caring and talented nurse, she could easily quit her day job and hit the comedy club circuit. She has a gift for seeing the humor in almost all of life's situations, and she tells and retells her stories, perfecting the timing and hitting the punch lines spot-0n.
It helps that she also has the gift of putting herself in unusual situations. There is hardly ever a dull moment when in her company. A trip to the grocery store can easily become an adventure worthy of its own immortalizing as one of her monologues. You just never know with her.
Is it a coincidence that Laurie and laughter both begin with the letter "L?" I think not! Somehow the letter seems to connect the two in an hysterical symbiosis. Laurie loves to laugh, and she is comfortable making herself the butt of her own humor. She sees life as an adventure to be lived, but not too seriously! She takes risks and, in so doing, has fodder for her story-telling.
I'm glad to have Laurie as a family member. She reminds me, often, not to be so dark and gloomy, not directly, but through making me laugh and inviting me to tell my own stories. In fact, at one time I was more like her. A friend once told me that I, too, had a gift for seeing the humor in everything and that I make her laugh. Lately, I seem to have gotten away from seeing the bright side more than I care to admit. But with Laurie in my life, laughter is never really far away. I can just pick up the phone and be her audience--my own private stand-up show. Life, laughter, love, Laurie..."L" is a funny letter that connects so many Likable things.


Lin said...

Lovely tribute to Laurie! You are Lucky to have someone so Luminous and Lighthearted in your Life!

Tao Master said...

LOL - the texters say. Does that mean Lots of Laughs or Lots of Love ? In your case I think both.
Guess what? The next assignment is to write about either the weather or the word whether or both (We did not decide in class). So keep writing even though you have written about changing weather already. We miss you in class. Frank