Friday, October 17, 2008

Dreaming and Hoping

Today I am filled with hope!  It is a beautiful, cool Friday morning.  Yes, it's expected to rain later in the day, but even that doesn't dampen my spirits (pun intended.)  Today things just seem right.  Perhaps it was the Tarot reading by Frank last night that brightens my mood.  Things are looking up!  Success is in the cards, literally and figuratively.

When I feel  down, I need to remind myself that everything passes in due time.  There is no situation or mood that is permanent.  Nothing lasts forever.  Thoughts like these become mantras of hope as I dream of better times to come.  And this seems like one of those better times, in spite of the economy and the stack of bills awaiting my attention and eventual payment.  And in spite of being separated by time and space from my family.  And in spite of still being stuck--same job, same place, same problems.  But wait!  The sun will still rise another day!  There is hope!

I look forward to new possibilities, dreams with the potential of being realized.  An exciting challenge always fires me up and gets me moving!  I'm at my best when starting new projects and initiatives--planning and plotting in order to get them up and running.  Once a project is begun, I lenjoy letting other people take over.  By then, I've lost some interest in the whole thing.

 Maybe I should have become an inventor!  Then, in creating something new, I could move on to the next idea, bringing it into fruition. A never ending process of creativity!  There are many careers, I think, that work like this:  scientist, adventurer, even archeologist!  Or what about artist, composer, or writer?  It's true--these jobs are "discovery" personified!  Keep moving forward!  What a way to live!

And then I think, "Maybe that's what we are all called to do?"  To keep moving forward, being fresh and creative where ever we find ourselves.  "Bloom where you are planted."  Something to think about.  It does offer the promise of new possibilities--dreams that bring hope, maybe even happiness.   I suppose I can continue on, as long as there is the promise of another day.


Lin said...

Tarot cards at creative writing class?! Hmmmm, sounds like I missed some fun. Thanks for the invite to Caribou Coffee--I may just find it in the budge to come AND have a coffee!

I like this piece. Yes, I think we all are renewed by fresh projects, a new year, the first day of school. So much hope in something new! Isn't it a great feeling? All that possibility?!

butterfly woman said...

Very uplifting writing here.You are quite good at looking at all sides of life, balance. Perhaps Carl Jung the psychologist knew something about Tarot Cards in his day, the magic, the mystery, the promise the deck holds. This story spoke to me. I tend to have my hands in many pots, but never care to finish anyone. Curious, investigative, all good. Tap into everything Diane, you have a lot to offer in so many areas.

butterfly woman said...

Hey Lin,
Hope to see you at Caribou Coffee as well this Thursday. A little bird told me that another tarot reading might be in the works for that night. Should be fun.