Monday, September 22, 2008

Happy Birthday, Terry!

Yes, another Stephens Family birthday takes place today. My husband, Terry, catches up to me again.  I'm five months older than he is, so from my birthday until his I am subjected to jokes about being old(er).  If you're a married person, you can probably imagine the types of things being said--nothing malicious--just good natured teasing about adding another year to the total before he does.

But today is catch up day.  And while I'm still older, we share the same number.  So the teasing ends until my birthday rolls around again.

People who remember may take the time to call.  Of course, our three adult children always remember: Amy called at 6:00 AM and I'm sure the other two kids will call later today. So it's not only a birthday, but a reunion of sorts, even if the reunion takes place over phone lines and computers.

On the way home from work, I will stop at Menard's, one of my husband's favorite places to shop, to pick up a gift.  I had already purchased a couple of good books that I thought he'd enjoy, but he requested an air compressor.  I consider this a strange gift--not romantic at all--but you know how guys can be.  Tools and such are the ultimate in gifts, at least for my fella.

Next on the agenda will be  cooking  a nice dinner, nothing too fancy, but something that he likes, maybe meatloaf and mashed potatoes, comfort foods extraordinaire.  I might wander over to Baker's Square to carry out just a couple pieces of pie; it's just the two of us now, no need to bake an entire cake.  Not that we wouldn't eat it but that, in itself, is the problem.  The older we get the harder it becomes to control our weight, much less lose it.

Terry likes the fact that his birthday is today because it is the  last official day of summer.  The weather is generally mild with just a hint of autumn in the air.  This particular September 22nd is a bit warmer than usual, but it's a good day--sunny and bright.  Terry will enjoy it; it's his favorite time of year, maybe because marks his birthday, but more likely because it is football season. Whatever the case, today brings  another reason to celebrate life's blessings.  Happy birthday, Terry!  Here's to a great day!


Petula said...

So many September birthday! :D Happy birthday over there and thanks for your birthday wishes to me. Have a great week.

butterfly woman said...

Guess what, I'm 5 months older than my hubby (and so much wiser) and he never lets me live that age difference down! We have something in common there, my writer friend. I'm glad my husband is so close in age to me, more like soulmates in that way. I love the story, heartwarming, loving and it's really the heartfelt gifts we give those we care about that matter.
And still taking time for those yummy pieces of pie from Bakers Square (nice finishing touch!).
Many more happy birthdays, Terry!!!
And enjoy the reunion (by the way, I like how you mentioned it as a reunion with your kids and all.

Lin said...

Wow--a birthday on the autumnal equinox! Cool! (I just wanted to get those words in somewhere today--don't you just love saying them?! Autumnal Equinox--lovely) Anyway--Happy Birthday to Terry! Enjoy the pie!!!