Friday, September 19, 2008

It's a Freedom Thing

I had my hair cut super short a couple of weeks ago. I immediately experienced a newfound feeling of freedom! No more primping, being slave to the blower dryer and flatiron. Now it's just gel it up, brush and go! 5 minutes and I'm ready.

"Why should only men have this advantage?" I asked myself. And so I went for it.

Besides being slave to hair styling tools, I felt held hostage by the beauty industry and the way they define "feminity." $100 salon appointments included coloring and cutting. Now--gone, if not forever at least for awhile. I'm going natural; let's see how much gray I actually have. And then I'll decide. From now on, I'm going to decide what beauty is, at least for me.

Yes, I'm free--free to decide for myself and to express myself.


Lin said...

How liberating! I hope you find your new "expression" fulfilling. It's so much work to be a woman, isn't it? It must be great to be free of that morning routine AND you look great too! Love the new "do"!

butterfly woman said...

Perhaps the new hairdo will affect your writing, a new alterego. I love your new haircut, it looks chic. I keep dawdling about coloring my hair but ah la natural is so much more authentic.