Monday, September 29, 2008

Rainy Days and Mondays

Here it is again--a Monday!  And, to top it off, it's cool and rainy.  I don't usually borrow titles from other sources, but this one says it all.  Getting up and out the door the first day of a busy workweek is always hard.  It was harder than usual this morning because my daughter and her family were  all still at our house after a weekend visit. Usually I am out the door and on my way by 6:45 AM, yes, believe it or not, even on Monday mornings.  I am a morning person by nature and by temperament.  I feel rested, fresh and ready to go.

I was already awake when when I heard my daughter, Erin and her newborn son, Will, arrive downstairs.  It was just before 5:00 AM.  Will is a thriving two-month old, a happy boy who makes everyone smile.  Being a healthy, growing boy, when he awakens he is ready to nurse.  No matter how mom may be feeling or how sleep deprived she may be, it's up and at it for the two of them!  Erin, not acting quickly enough for Will's taste, was subject to his complaints, getting louder every minute and waking up the rest of the household.

In just a few more minutes, we would all need to prepare ourselves for the day.  My husband would jump into the shower at the very last minute resulting in a chaotic rush out the door.  Since my work schedule allows for more flexibility, I enjoyed a more leisurely start, enjoying coffee and conversation with my daughter and grandchildren before really beginning the morning routine.  There was just enough time for a quick scan of the morning's paper; I prefer to spend my time with them.  After a quick breakfast and just one more cup of coffee it was chaos once more as I helped to get five others out the door before brushing my teeth and hitting the road.

My daughter's visits home are always bittersweet.  I enjoy every minute that I spend with her and the family.  We usually tend to overdo it, trying to visit every relative and friend while still completing the errands on our list.  Add to that our trying new recipes, giving baths, combing the doll's hair one more time and throwing in another load of laundry--yes, we're busy ladies committed to doing it all!  We run both the kids, and to a greater extent, ourselves, completely ragged, rushing from task to task and place to place... Everyone drops from exhaustion on their last night here,and then another visit comes to its inevitable end. It's difficult to say good-by, even if only for a while.  Just one more hug and kiss before waving them off, on their way! They're on the road again, homeward bound.  The house becomes eerily quiet; the only signs of the flurry of activity are extra dishes in the sink and a few random toys still laying around in odd places.  

The long-awaited weekend is over and with it comes a change in the weather.  It was sunny and warm enterring into the weekend, but with it's passing it is grayer, cooler and rainy.  It's almost as if the weather is determined to match my mood.   The weekend brought with it the "sunshine of my life" but now they're gone.  It's Monday morning again.  Not much to look forward to now but a complete week of work and appointments.  Yes, "rainy days and Mondays always bring me down."  At least ones like this where I have to say good-bye.


Petula said...

Beautifully written and I totally understand! I'm glad you enjoyed their visit.

Lin said...

Awww, what a bummer to have your family leave. It's nice to have the quiet again, but maybe it is too quiet.

I like the title--it's one of my favorite Monday morning tunes to sing--loudly I might add!