Tuesday, January 27, 2009

At A Loss for Words

The trip to Washington went very well.  The flights were on time, I made all my connections and there was very little turbulence.  All the flights were on small planes, fifty-seaters that made boarding and unboarding  quick and easy.  True, leg room and aisle space were scarce, but other than that it was really enjoyable.

My six day excursion was jam-packed with so many exciting events that I find myself at a loss for words that adequately describe the experience.  The inauguration events were not just exciting, they were more than that. Words, even pictures, don't do justice to the spirit that permeated the cold Washington air.  "Surreal" comes to mind, but that's not quite it.  Makes it sound weird, I think, and it wasn't.

So, I'll wait another day, perhaps putting pen to paper to help me focus and identify what I was feeling and still feel about all that went on.

In the meantime, allow me to say that I had a great time with my son...  He started his new job while I was there and seems to be very excited about the opportunity to work for the president.  Who wouldn't be I guess?  We spent a lot of time together, but I also tried to give him the space to spend some time with friends without his mom in tow.  I read, I watched TV and just relaxed.  It was nice to be away from it all.

So, news and impressions of the inauguration will follow in the next couple of days.  The channel becomes how to write about it all without banalizing it?  I hope you will check back to see if I succeed.  I invite you to share the experience with me as soon as I know what to say.


Tao Master said...

Diane - good to see your words again. I can feel your excitement, awe and wonder. You must be feeling a million things all at once.
I would love to hear them. And see them.
Take your time - start in one small place and go from there - You can always add on later. I can't wait.

Oh I have a new blog :


check it out if can.

Love you and keep writing,

Lin said...

Welcome back, Diane! It sounds like you had a great time. Everyone was all abuzz about how nice it was. I'll bet it was good to spend time with your son too.

Missed ya!

butterfly woman said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time. So glad to hear bits and pieces of your experience. I imagine words would be hard to put down. I was glued to the TV most of that day, mesmorized by the sights, sounds and feelings of various participants. Maybe you could just take a photo and write about that. Baby steps.
And special time with your son, what more could you ask for?
Looking forward to more of your writings, whatever you choose to put down.

Petula said...

I am excited to see what you portray. I know just watching it on the tube was exciting so I can only imagine how it was to actually be there.