Friday, January 2, 2009

Bucket List Visit is Overdue

Last night my husband and I watched the movie "The Bucket List."  While I have my own bucket list, I had never actually seen the movie.  I just made my list after seeing trailers and in hearing about the movie from others.  My daughter and son-in-law enrolled my husband with a membership in Netflix as a Christmas gift and this was the first movie that he received.

While watching it, I was reminded of how quickly life passes and how I often forego my own dreams to focus on the expectations of others.  I go to work each day, do all the things expected of me, and then head home to complete all the chores and tasks that await me there.  Each day seems routine, running like clockwork, with little in the way of variation or excitement.

A few years ago I was diagnosed with cancer and at that time I vowed that I would no longer continue to do things that made me unhappy or caused me stress.  Of course, that was unrealistic to a degree; no one can avoid doing some things that are unpleasant.  Nor can one completely avoid stress in his or her life.  Even positive events can be stressful.

No, I think the point of my vow was to move generally in the way of living a more positive, joyful life.  Looking back at the years since then, I realize that I have, to a large extent, failed in my attempts to do this.  Perhaps it is because of poor choices.  More likely it is in my own attitude toward things.  Sometimes one is helpless to change their circumstances, but one can usually adjust his or her attitude toward the events by which he or she is surrounded.

Frank has made me a member (in good standing, I hope!) of the Joyous Rebellion.  I think that the first thing I need to do is to create more joy in my own life.  I will do some of the things that I have been continually putting on hold--fun things that bring life and fulfillment.  By doing that, I make a conscious decision to life a joy-filled life, one that I hope will reflect joy to others.  I want to radiate joy, becoming a beacon to others.  

There are always going to be plenty of reasons to mope and to be pessimistic and fearful.  By focusing on the positive, I may bring hope to others.  There is just as much reason to hope as to fear!  It's a choice, an attitude toward life that I hope I will own more fully in the coming year.


Lin said...

Good for you, Diane! It is hard to stay positive in this crazy world and economy. I think it is important to remember that we are not what is going on around us and that we have choices on how we accept the input. But if you have a negative day/occasion, it is okay too. Feeling and thinking bad is normal and good too, in its own place. It is all part of life and feeling alive.

Tao Master said...

Wow, just reading this post made my heart sing. I think you are correct in saying that we cannot sometimes choose to be in a positive circumstance but we can always choose our reaction to it. I feel the joy in you.
Feeling bad is just that - you do not feel good by feeling bad. I have realized that I have a choice in every moment and that feeling depressed or helpless does nothing good for me. Lately I have been able to shift myself from bad to good in a matter of minutes (I am working on trying to get that to seconds.) As far as a bucket list goes, I hope I can cross one off -
Helping someone feel Joy.
Love your writing - it is so true.

Petula said...

That is definitely a great goal to accomplish. I think that type of attitude assists in a general sense of hope.

I started my Bucket List too before I watched the movie and after I saw a trailer. Life is short and I really need to work on at finding the joy in life and being positive.

butterfly woman said...

I feel joy and positivity just coming here to this site today. It's contagious. I truly believe in the group energy of like minds helping us to shift our mind set. It's easy to stay mopey and down (for me, such a habit) especially when I'm alone. But having a place to stop in such as here to share and read is an instant jolt of good stuff.
Keep up the wonderful writing Diane.Kudos to the joyous rebellion!