Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Less Work, More Play--for a Healthy Change!

Whatever you think about Oprah, one thing that I personally have to admire is her latest commitment to take time for herself.  "Hooray!" I say.  How many of us really take the time to care for ourselves?  I know that I have been putting off both doctor's and dentist's appointments, only because I am so caught up with putting in extra hours on the job.   

I used to work out at the gym at least three days a week with a good friend of mine until I was required by my boss to take a Spanish class.  Unfortunately, the class conflicted with our gym schedule and it was inconvenient for my workout buddy to go later in the evening.  Once you lose your buddy, you may as well just hang it up; the motivation is gone.  Neither one of us have been to the gym since then.

I used to play the guitar and take piano lessons.  But I stopped when I went to work full time.  It seemed pointless to spend my time that way when there were so many other things that needed to be done--laundry to be washed, dishes to be done, beds to be made.  Sigh!  All work and no play...

I plan on joining Oprah in her quest for self-care.  My Spanish class has ended and now it's back to the gym.  I'll call the doctors and dentist this week to schedule long overdue appointments.  I hope to go back to making healthy choices and to doing other things that fulfill me:  writing more, painting, music, etc.  Yes, life is just too short to continually put my favorite things, and my very self, on hold.  "Less work and more play!"  may very well become my new mantra.


Tao Master said...

I like that mantra - I like the positive direction you are headed in and I like that you can make healthy choices and pursue them.
I like that your blog was chosen for Gratitude blog.
It is a new year in more ways than one.
Keep going (and writing),
P.S. I found a small essay contest on the internet (free - 250 words or less) details later

Lin said...

And don't spend too much of your free time with Oprah! Hee! Hee!

I'm an idiot! I saved your name for last on my invite list to the Happy Hour and then in the rush for dinner I forgot to add it. You're on the list now!! Forgive me, please.

And now.....what will you have to drink, my friend? :)

butterfly woman said...

I like that you want to be good to yourself inside and out. To know that you paint and play music makes me feel even more connection to you. I always am amazed about how inspired and supported I feel when I read your blog. Knowing others are working at becoming more fulfilled and positive makes me not feel so alone in my own path. We do need each other.
Looking forward to a new year getting to know you better.