Friday, January 9, 2009

Washington Bound

My son called early this morning to let me know that we definitetly had tickets for the inauguration. We will be in the section in front of the capital, somewhere in the "standing section" before the split that extends to the mall area. This is great news for us. Every rally or event that I've been to has offered only standing positions, so it's what I'm used to and what I expected. To be in the area surrounding the capital building is a bonus; I expected to be in the public viewing area outside of the mall, blocks away from the actual event. Nevermind the fact that people are going to begin lining up at 4:00 AM. We'll play it by ear, hopefully arriving at a time that is reasonable while still getting into our section.

The bonus is this: We'lll also be attending an inaugural ball! It's not the Illinois ball, but one of the official ones, so there is a chance that the new president and first lady may stop by... Though my son told me not to, of course I went out and bought a new dress and shoes. I have to look my best, just in case! One never knows. And one of the most important persons in the world will be there--my son, who works for the federal government and who has made me so proud with his own personal accomplishments. There's no way that I'm taking chance on embarrasing him with a dress that's out of date. Not when he will be wearing a tux. Not when his boss is there.

I'm looking forward to my time in Washington. Most of the time I will be in jeans and sweat shirt, probably wearing either uggs or hiking boots--whatever the weather demands. At night I will be crashing on the floor of my son's rented row house. But at night--well, that's when we'll put on the ritz and drink champagne. I will be celebrating the new president, but I will be beaming at my son, Jeff, one of the men behind the man. I'm looking forward to this time,, not only for the hope it inspires, but because it means to much to him.


Lin said...

Have a blast, Diane! Be sure to take some pics and try to post them. We would love to see what you see!

Tao Master said...

Super-duper with a double scoop of hurray ! Take pictures with your mind's eye and tell us of your adventures. I think there will be a greet vibe coming from Washington that day - I am glad that you get to be part of it.

butterfly woman said...

How exciting for you! I will be looking for you at the ball. Let me know what your dress looks like as I'm glued to the TV. Dance the night away, have fun spending time with your son, an event you'll never forget. And some good writing stories to boot. It's so fun to know you, to live vicariously through you as you witness up front and personal these special events.
Live it up!