Monday, November 3, 2008

Almost Over

I can tell right now that I am going to be anxious all day.  Anxious about the election and getting out the voters.  Anxious about going to the rally.  Streets are going to be closed; hotels are booked.  Can we really rely on public transportation to get us home at that late hour?  And, exactly what late hour are we talking about here?  Initially it was projected for 1:00 AM but will that change if election results are too close to call?  

I can feel the tension in my body.  I'm stiff and achy and my blood pressure is probably going through the roof.  All these months of working, planning and praying.  Now it's down to one more day.  It's been a long journey and there were days it seemed that this election cycle will never end. But, of course, it will.  Tomorrow is the last day and whatever happens, history will be made.  

I feel privileged that I was able to play a small part in this history. And so, I will fight the crowds and the late hour and the transportation headaches to meet with fellow supporters.  No matter the outcome, we will support our candidate and show our appreciation for the courage it takes to put oneself out there.  Guts!  That's what it takes.  And now it's all winding down to the final hours.  It's almost over--all but the final voting.  May our citizens take the time to make their voices heard.  Yes, guts.  It isn't always perfect, but isn't it wonderful that we have a choice?  


butterfly woman said...

How fun is that you going down for the wonderful party! History to be made and you are part of it, making it happen. We may go, but we don't have a Grant park e-mail ticket. But perhaps we will go down to feel the energy, pressing our faces to the fence, straining our ears for that President-Elect voice booming into the crowds. Looking forward to some wonderful writings regarding the Tuesday experience and maybe some photos? Glad we have choices, writing our voice here certainly one of them!
So nice to know someone like you who gets up close and personal with election!

Lin said...

Oh, I'm glad that you got a ticket after all of your hard work! Have fun!! Won't that be cool to say you were there?!!