Friday, November 21, 2008

A Novel Idea

I'm still thinking about my novel, but if I don't start writing soon, I will never have it done by Christmas.  I mean, look at my thesis project that never got written.  Good example of what procrastination does to a person.  Waiting for the perfect idea gets you nowhere.  I really think that the  secret to writing is not a secret at all.  Like the Nike slogan from a few years back (are they still using it??), "Just do it," I would rephrase those words and say "Just write!"-- about anything and everything.  It's good practice.

Since I have not one idea of my own, maybe I will go with Frank's:  My Tuesday with Barack, which I think Frank facetiously suggested as a knock off to Tuesdays with Morrie.  Maybe I'll have to come up with a new title, but, ironically enough, Tuesdays the days that I volunteered at the headquarters for a year and a half.  So while the title may change, the Tuesdays will not.  Tuesdays, the days of so many stressful primary battles and a day of excitement on November 4th.

Since every volunteer was required to sign a non-disclosure agreement,  I will have to fictionalize my account of those days.  It will be up to the reader to sort fact from fiction, I suppose.  There will be definite clues as to what's real and what's not.  Should I offer a prize to the first person who successfully sorts truth from fiction?


Lin said...

Wow! I admire your quest to write a novel... and in a month! Yikes. I'm having a hard time just posting everyday! I wish you lots of good ideas, creative thoughts, and endless words.

Tao Master said...

Start small, how about writing about a struggling writer who has a deadline (Xmas) to write about her meetings with Barak. The publishing world can't get enough of the new president so it would be a hit. Also for the sake of conflict you could throw in a character based upon a dictatorial writing coach you might know. Throw in people who encourage you and family who provide time challenges and there you go - instant start to your novel.
Start writing,

butterfly woman said...

I like the idea of a book about Barack. Missing fiction with non-fiction may be a challenge for you, but a push for sure. I think maybe a free copy of this novel will be a good enough prize. Or perhaps a ticket to the ignaugeration (sp?). And maybe, just maybe, you'll have the book published and can hawk it in Washington. What better place?
I know you have lots of passion for this subject, write what you love.
P.S. I like Frank's ideas, for sure.

butterfly woman said...

Sorry, meant mixing fiction, not missing fiction, freudian (sp.) slip there.

Jo said...

I agree that Frank has the perfect idea!! You go girl! I wish that I had a novel in me but like Lin, I struggle to post everyday! Lots of luck, coffee and printer ink to you!