Thursday, November 6, 2008

Bring an Umbrella

The sun is shining this morning, just as it's been the last few days.  Leaving the house, I threw on my fleece jacket and headed out the door.  True, the heater was turned on low, just right for taking the mild chill out of the air.  

"Another glorious, Indian summer day!"  I smiled to myself.

Listening to the news while driving to work, I heard the weather forecast.  "Rain this afternoon, with the possibilities of thunderstorms.  Be sure to bring an umbrella."  Disappointment washed over me, not about the rain per se, but the inevitable change of seasons.

Fall is my favorite time of year:  the color, the cool crisp air, the rare scent of burning leaves, scofflaws claiming this tradition as their own.  But now, with the arrival of this storm, cold air is on the way, bringing the hint of an impending, and inevitable, winter.

Perhaps it's due, after all.  With the election season over, the change of season, too, seems right, as if everything is in some mystical alignment.  Time marches on; nothing lasts forever.  We make our plans for the upcoming holidays and we make our plans for the future.  Life goes on regardless of the surrounding circumstances.  With that reminder, I believe that all is as it should be.  I find myself content, today, in spite of the storms on the horizon.  I shall bring my umbrella with me and prepare to weather the coming storm, one of many challenges with which I am faced.


Tao Master said...

There is something strange about how the weather changes back to normal after the election. Perhaps, it is the work of witches or perhaps it was God giving us the perfect weather to help people go to the polls. I like both ideas because I am a story person, both are good stories. I, too sense change in the air and a change for the better. I do believe that our president-elect is a man of destiny, someone even better than we have ever had before. Thhe rain and cold are coming today but I do not mind, like your essay very much. How about tuesday for our next meeting ? You pick the spot.


butterfly woman said...

I'm reflecting on the temperament of the world now two days after election. Will things calm down, become ordinary, I don't think so. I like how you write about mystical alignment, I feel the world has deepened its connection to the earth, and the people closer to their souls. I drove down the highway thinking I'd see traces of election here or there. Nothing out of the ordinary though. Still, I guess we don't need tangible material evidence to believe in change, inner transformation I feel everywhere.
Wasn't the weather great for the election? Gods were smiling down.