Monday, November 17, 2008

Stay tuned

To all my blogger friends:

Sorry that I haven't written. I have been working overtime and even weekends at work. It's a busy time of year.  On top of that, we've been having problems with our internet service, so I am behind on my writing.  I am considering Frank's challenge of writing a novel by Christmas.  Watch this site for my decision and other brief essays that may appear.  Happy Writing to each of you!


Tao Master said...

I know what I want for xmas - Diane's novel !!!!

butterfly woman said...

And I want Diane's novel and Frank's novel by Christmas. A double bonus. And I'll illustrate them! See, I'm up to an artistic challenge!

Have missed your writings but knew there was a reason.

I believe Patti wants to know how to start posting on the blog, so we may soon have another writing comrade here!

Lin said...

I hope you manage to post every now and then, I look forward to seeing what's up on your blog. I know how difficult it is to post often--especially in this crazy time of year. I hope the New Year brings us many writing days and maybe your new novel? I KNOW you have it in you!