Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Today is one of my favorite days of the year--December 23rd. With it comes all of the anticipation of the holidays without any expenditure of the excitement.  It is the same reason that Friday is my favorite day of the week--I'm all about the anticipation, I guess.

Yesterday when I left work I reported that if the predicted snow came I might not come in this morning.  And yet, here I am. The roads weren't that bad.  True, I worry mightily about being rear-ended by some nut in a hurry to get somewhere.  Especially since I did get hit from behind one clear and sunny afternoon while just sitting at a red light, minding my own business.  For some reason I just wanted to come in today.  Hardly anyone is here, and I like that.  It's quiet and there is a total lack of stress.  I can write on my blog, in between answering the few calls that come in and scheduling post-holiday appointments.  Yeah, it's dark, quiet, lonely even and I love it. It's the anonymous hermit in me coming out again.

On the way home I'll stop at the grocery story for a few last minute items: milk, something to bring to the in-law's tomorrow, maybe a snack or two for Christmas.   I really enjoy these pre-holiday days, the ones where everything I'm going to buy in the way of gifts is wrapped and under the tree, the cookies are already eaten and the egg nog is almost gone.  Now I can sit and listen to Christmas music or watch another holiday movie without guilt.  Of course, there are always things to do--the empty boxes from decorations still need to be put away.  Another bottle of wine needs to be picked up for dinner.  Those things will always be there.  Nothing is ever 100% after all.

Still, Christmas magic is in the air.  We'll spend it with two of our three kids this year.  Amy will be celebrating with Johnny in Japan and I'll shoot her an email or a facebook message.  She'll be okay for Christmas.  We had our celebration with her last week.

At midnight mass, I'll say prayers for family, for safe travel, for peace.  And I'll express gratitude for all that I have, even now, in spite of the poor economy.  I'm more than content, I'm joyful.  Joy is better than happiness, which can be fleeting and dependent on circumstance.

So for any readers out there, whatever you may be celebrating, whatever plans you may have, I wish you joy!  Joyeau Noell!  Feliz Navidad!  Happy Hannukah!  Peaceful Kwanza!  Happy Holidays!


Tao Master said...

I love your writings - they always seem to come from your heart. Your message is something I can take to my own heart.
I too, love my time alone, at peace with myself - I enjoy being with like minded spirits such as yourself but I find myself becoming more and more of a hermit too. I enjoy a fellow hermit in this world of crazy running around.
I thank you for reading my blog - I do look forward to your comments everyday - you always make me think (and feel).
Happy a great Christmas,

Tao Master said...

You are not old -
You are wise.

butterfly woman said...

Coming here today has been uplifting. To meet like minds, with a hermit side, is comforting. I find myself embracing my hermit side, exploring new accesses of me I didn't think possible. Before, I feared hermit, feeling it would disconnect me from reality. Yet, actually, I am just discovering more "joy" of who I am and realize hermit is who I always was, just pushed beneath facades. Your daily musings and reflections are comforting to me as I deal with my own day to day life. I love how you close with the different ways to express the holidays, when it comes down to it, its about love really.
Happy Day, Happy Life.

Lin said...

Merry Christmas, Diane! May the New Year bring new writing adventures!

Jo said...

I love the new name! I thinks it suits your blog and your writings!