Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Fancy is as Fancy Does

If you have a young girl in your life, you may be familiar with the "Fancy Nancy" books. Like anything marketed to young children, a whole line of spin off products are now available, including a Fancy Nancy doll, dress up clothes, stickers and colorforms (remember those?) Kathryn, my oldest granddaugther at 4 and a half (you know they're growing up when they start counting in halves) is a huge fan of Fancy Nancy. In fact, she takes pride in being a fancy person herself.

Kathryn is a very outgoing and talkative child. One can barely get a word in when spending time with her. She is confident and take-charge. For a long while now, she has been picking out what she will wear each day. It's always a dress or skirt and she comes up with the craziest combinations: vertical striped blue and green skirt with horizontal striped pink tights topped off with a sparkly pink shirt and red cardigan. You get the picture! But on her, somehow, it works. Perhaps because it reflects her unique and rather complex (for a 4 1/2 year old) personality.

Today we are going to visit her. Now when I go there, I have been given strict order from Kathryn--I must be fancy too. So I took a shower, slathered myself with scented lotion and put on my makeup. True, I am still wearing jeans, albeit with my fanciest thermal top--all flowery and feminine. I may wear nice shoes instead of my usual hiking boots.

I have to go now. I still have my nails to paint and my hair to do. But if I don't get around to it, that's okay. Kathryn will be happy to do it for me once I arrive. Purple and green nails--nothing says "Kathryn" like those!

Keeping up with Kathryn by being fancy isn't easy. But it is fun! It's an easy way of making her happy and it's nice having something in common. Oh, to be 4 and 1/2 again!


Lin said...

Hey, you could be Divine Diane instead of Fancy Nancy! Sounds like fun today!

Petula said...

That's such a sweet post. I would love to meet her she sounds like a riot and a very creative and intelligent little doll. It does sound like you'll have a lot of fun today and you'll definitely be fancy or divine, like Lin said! :D

Enjoy your day!

butterfly woman said...

Ah, what a fun day ahead. I enjoyed reading about you getting "fancy" yourself, with orders from Kathryn. It would be fun to see a photo of you and your granddaughter all dressed up! This was a very humorous story to read, I chuckled throughout. Isn't it fun how kids can help us tap into our childlike selves? Thanks for lightening up my day!

Tao Master said...

I think everyone is jealous of you today because you get to play. Kids can be so serious about play but they never stop having fun either. I might be strange but I consider you fancy already. I would like to see those nails. Have fun and Lots of laughs.