Wednesday, December 10, 2008

No Deal

Yesterday I went to work late. I wanted to let Amy sleep as late as she wanted; she is still on Japan time, after all. Add to that the jet lag from 14 hours plus of flying, and you can imagine how completely exhausted she was.

Before she awoke, I had thought maybe we could spend some time together--do breakfast or something like that. But, by the time she got up, I had already eaten and so instead we went to the DMV to replace her lost driver's license. She had tried to replace it while in Japan, but all the Illinois DMV would do was to send her a 30 day permit. With the mail delivery being the way it is, by the time it reached her in Japan, it had already expired.

Isn't it funny (weird or ironic--not "ha-ha" funny) that the Illinois Secretary of State will do little to assist a Marine half a world away, but that so many of our governors are corrupt--either serving time or being arrested for deal-brokering? What a strange place, this state called Illinois. Well, maybe not the place itself, but the people who run it. No influence, no cash--no deal!

That was it--going to the DMV was sum and substance of our adventure for the day. I dropped Amy off at her old high school, to visit her dad and the other teachers and then off to work I went. Yes, Tuesday is the day I always need to show up. But I'm on vacation now--taking my remaining few days of time off to spend with her.

Perhaps today we'll go to the mall. We have a way of making it fun, laughing at the silly things we see and do together. We're looking forward to a Fruilatti and maybe going to Panera for lunch, if not today then some day soon. It's all up to her. When I don't see my kids for long periods of time I tend to spoil them. We'll go to their favorite restaurants and I'll buy them things they don't really need, fun things they wouldn't buy themselves. I already have a few things in mind.

Still, this is Amy's leave time--her last few days of complete freedom. She has no schedule now, but can just sleep in. She doesn't have to report, can wear what she wants and can just be herself--literally and figuratively letting her hair down. And so I'll let Amy make the decisions about who we see, where we go and what we do. It's all about her for the next few days. I'm just happy to have her home again.


Tao Master said...

Spoken like a true loving parent. I hope you guys have some fun - I know you will. Panera bread has free wifi you know so maybe we could meet there some day.

Lin said...

I know what joy it is to be able to spoil your child and do their favorite things with them. How lucky you are to have that time together, even if it is brief. I'll bet you smile just knowing that she is down the hall, just sleeping in her old room. What a heartwarming update, Diane! I've been thinking of you this week! :)

butterfly woman said...

How fun and joyful for all of you. I am so glad you continue to post here your days with Amy. It fills my heart with happiness knowing you are having such quality time with her. You sound like such best friends, doing the mall and all. Live this special time to the max, here's to more good times!!!!!

Jo said...

I am glad Amy is home too! I know what it is like to miss your soldier since I was an Army wife! Tell her I said thanks for all she does and she will always be in my prayers (by name). By the way, I would get a Nikon camera they rock. The D60 is a great beginning SLR camera, though it is not a point and shoot! If you want a point and shoot, the Nikon Coolpix rock. I just got my son one for Christmas!