Thursday, December 4, 2008

Down, but Not Out (Yet)

Today is a hard day.  Everyone at work has been called on the carpet--not doing enough, not quick enough, totally incompetent.  These are the words being bantered about by the boss.  Hardly uplifting, I'd say.

Some days it's hard to stay positive.  Does he really believe that we come in here only to do a "bad" job?  I don't know but it feels that way.

So I don't feel I can write much today--even while on my break.  Big brother is watching, it seems, assuming the worst in all of us.  (sigh!)  See you all later...


Lin said...

Hang in there, Diane. Who knows what he's going through--it probably has absolutely nothing to do with any of you. (I'm giving him a mulligan here) Unless he's a jerk most of the time (see: Joe's Boss) it may just be a bad day, a bad month, maybe the holidays getting to him. I hope so for all of your sakes.

I'm thinking of you with happy thoughts and sending them your way........

Tao Master said...

There was something in the air, yesterday. I hope it does not return for you today. WE missed you last night but since we were stuck at a small table (too small even for the three of us) perhaps it was better for you not to come.
I hope things go better today - I think I have an old box of Calgon here somewhere.

butterfly woman said...

Hey Diane,
Glad you can snatch away a little time to seek some refuge here. Sending your whole work place positive vibes.Keep shining your light to the world, though, I certainly appreciate it. Glad you air your thoughts here, hope releasing it helps.
Holidays sure can bring out the emotions!!!!