Friday, December 5, 2008

Off to Work--TGIF!!

I am going to be heading off to work shortly. First, I need to look at the bills to see what's due, maybe write a couple of checks and get them in the mail. Then, off to work I go! At least it's Friday, and it may be a shorter day for me to boot!

I have to admit that I'm looking forward to the weekend. I'll take time to consider options, but there aren't many these days due to this bad economy. At least the weekend offers some respite, a chance to just be myself, without pretense, without worrying about the constant criticism that comes during the work day.

Maybe we'll go see a movie tonight...what's playing? I wonder. I'll take a look later today, hoping to find something that takes me completely away, the same way that a Calgon bath might...remember those old commercials? "Let Calgon take you away." Ah, that sounds so good right now.

But for now, it's off to work. Just wanted to write some musings as I may not have a chance later today (see previous posting.)

Onward and upward--trying to stay positive and hopeful!


Lin said...

I chuckled when I saw what time you posted--this blogging stuff is addicting, even at 4:30 am!

I hope that you can escape for a little while this weekend. It is such a stressful time of year, isn't it? Add to that a boss who is making things even more difficult. Ugh. What is the deal with him anyway? Is this something new?

Take a deep breath when you get home today and let the week go. Let your hair down and get back to what you work for--your real life. You know, the one where people matter and they love you.

I hope today is a better day!

Tao Master said...

Are you two guys part of the Grave Yard shift of bloggers ? It is good to see you posting and sometimes therapeutic - you can get it out of your system - I have just scanned the movies and nothing stands out to me - I find dark chocolate to be a good mood lifter - in fact I think I am going out to find some now.
See you (writing your story)

butterfly woman said...

I rather like your slave picture. I could see it in my dark places blog. Seems to fit your writings these days. Movies are good ways to forget, bubble baths, vanilla and cinnamon candles, mantras. I hope your work day ends like right now. Be good to you all weekend and let the week slip away into distant memories. Bev