Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Celebrating Amy

Last night a friend of mine unexpectedly dropped by the house. When I answered the door, she was there with her daughter.

"I needed to drop something off," she said. "I don't know if we were still meeting tonight and I wanted to be sure you had this."

At that point, out jumped my daughter, Amy, from behind the bushes. Yes, Amy, my marine daughter is home for a ten-day visit. Sure, it's not the 30 days we hoped for, but it's better than nothing--much, much better. It's been a long seven months since we've seen her.

She looks great, tan, fit, healthy and, most importantly, happy. She seems to be doing well and she seems glad to be home.

Needless to say, I am putting my entire life on hold. I won't be writing much unless she is out visiting or sleeping, like she is now. I will only be going to work for the inevitable and necessary meetings and events. I am even giving up my tickets to "Dirty Dancing" and my trip to Navy Pier. If it can't include all three of us, Amy, my husband and I, it is off the table.

Sorry Frank, but my novel will have to wait. To be honest, it isn't that good anyway. But when I get back to it, I may have more twists and turns from this very unexpected and happy surprise.
Thanks for your understanding and patience--this is top priority right now and the time will go by so very quickly.

In the meantime, please check the blog now and again. I may be posting some of our activities for all to share.

Off the radar for now--see you all soon!


Lin said...

Yahhhhoooo!! Oh, Diane, ENJOY! How absolutely wonderful to spend time with Amy. Have fun and I love how you put the rest of the world on hold.....that's how it should be. Give her a squeeze for me!!

Tao Master said...

I disagree - You are not putting your life on hold - your daughter is your life (at least a big part of it). Enjoy your time together.
All that other stuff including writing your BESTSELLING novel - perhaps it will be about a mother, a daughter, and Barak (and a son).
Have fun,

Tao Master said...

I meant to say - all that other stuff will have to wait. That is what happens when you don't reread your comment.